Hello, My name is Riley 桝永.

I'm a project manager and process designer living in Tokyo.

In highschool, I learned hard work through hundred hour work weeks starting one of the Best 100 restaurants in Hawaii.

As an undergrad in Chicago, I honed my work ethic and abilities working full-time to support myself through school.

I've learned that reading and interviewing trains your instincts and creates a foundation from which to have unconventional ideas.

From my mentors, I learned that the best solutions are simple and well-informed, not necessarily showy or dramatic.

Here are a few of my recent works:

Implemented a new process at a Fortunate 500 (15') Remotely manage development of a White-label b2c iPhone app (15') Lead a winning hackathon team (15') Marketing research for a university minor program. (15') Validated a remote accounting service (14') Organizing an art+tech event (13')

I believe that if you act with integrity, pour your soul into your work and never become satisfied with your skills, reward comes naturally.

My dream is to have an ambitious career, a loving family and an unlimited supply of Diet Coke

If you're interested in speaking, send me an email, add me on linkedIn or follow me on medium. It'd be a pleasure to speak with you.

Riley 桝永