Hello, My name is Riley 桝永.

My passion is forming practical solutions to complicated problems based on obsessive research and entrepreneurial experience.

From highschool, I built my business knowledge and an unrivaled work ethic through 100+ hour weeks starting one of The Best 100 Restaurants in Hawaii.

Through a voracious pursuit of knowledge and experience across industries, I've nurtured an open and empthatetic mindset for shedding light on unfamiliar opportunities and problems others may not immediately notice.

Two interesting projects I've worked on:
a hackathon winning eco-focused app
an art+tech event

I believe that humor is the universal language.

I believe that if you pour every ounce of your essence into something you believe in, reward will come naturally.

I believe that Diet Coke tastes best out of a can.

If you're interested in my professional experience, please check my LinkedIn page.

If you think there's a way I can help you, or you're interested in chatting, feel free to email me, it'd be a pleasure to speak with you.

Riley 桝永